Emerald in the Rough scholarship supports students

Published 10/11/18

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Caleb Eutsler, TNE Writer

Since 2014, NSU’s Emerald Ball has served as a fundraiser for student scholarships. It invites alumni back to campus to participate a dinner, auction and concert. So far, the Emerald Ball has raised over $128,000. This year, the foundation introduced a new scholarship, the Emerald in the Rough. The goal with this scholarship is to help students who go through major hardships during their time of study.

Safezone offers LGBTQ educational opportunities

Published 10/11/12

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Sebastian Cooper, TNE Writer

Safezone is a committee designed to educate the campus on LGBTQ issues by means of panels, speakers, educational trainings and classroom engagements. An instructor or professor requesting the use of a Safezone training initiates these engagements. These trainings consist of projects that educate students on appropriate word usage and how to be an LGBTQ ally. Safezone acts as an extension for the Office of Diversity & Inclusion.

Archives offers a look at NSU’s past

Published 10/11/18

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Jordan Gogo, TNE Writer

NSU has been an established academic institution since 1909. However, the university’s past can be traced as far back as 1851 when the original Cherokee National Female Seminary was founded.  With almost 200 years of history, John Vaughan Library fulfills a significant role in housing all of the university’s artifacts.

Students avoid burnout during midterm season

Published 10/9/18

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Bradley Dame, TNE Writer

It is the middle of the semester and fall break is just around the corner. With fall break comes midterms and each major facilitates midterms differently. Some classes not having midterms at all. However, students who have midterms to study for have to figure out the best way to prepare for themselves.


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