Lights On Seminary Hall to kick off holiday season

Published 11/28/17

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Marissa Mitchell, TNE Writer

For years, the Lights On Seminary Hall ceremony has brought to the NSU and Tahlequah community a proper kick off for the holiday season. The ceremony includes the lighting of the Christmas lights on Seminary Hall, the telling of Christmas stories, holiday singing and dancing and a chance to visit with the big man himself, Santa Claus.

Yeutter goes from professor to superfan

Published 11/28/17

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Zach Cobler, TNE Writer

Any spectator who has been to a RiverHawk sporting event has likely noticed Dr. John Yeutter, accounting associate professor. He is a fan who goes above and beyond to show his school pride. Yeutter wears a noticeable green or pink wig as well as NSU apparel with green or white leggings. He has become a legend to NSU students both past and present. The fans who attend games look forward to his ever-present chants and playing of instruments. Yeutter has been at as many NSU sporting events as he can attend.

Late-Night Breakfast offers stress-relief opportunity

Published 11/27/17

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Elizabeth Caputo, Contributing Writer

With finals week quickly approaching, many students will be looking for a way to de-stress in between study sessions. For many, the Late-Night Breakfast presented by the Northeastern Activities Board provides the opportunity to get away from their computers and notes for a while and enjoy good food and company.

Future Alumni Network prepares for annual GreenLink event

Published 11/27/17

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Tyler Warrior, Contributing Writer

The Future Alumni Network is excited for their annual GreenLink event that allows students and alumni to interact on a professional level. Throughout the academic year, FAN presents many events, and gives students a number of opportunities to connect with alumni. However, the Green Link event is one of the more prestigious events.  

Frustration rises as NSU students receive parking tickets

Published 11/15/17

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Taylor Brown, TNE Writer

As parking has become limited on campus due to the addition of a new dorm building where a parking lot formerly sat, tickets are being dispersed in larger quantities. The reconstruction of Wyly Hall and addition of Isabel Cobb Hall resulted in more students living closer to Leoser and crowding the residential parking lots. Before the construction, students were evenly dispersed between Leoser, Haskell Hall and the high-rises, Logan, Hastings and Ross. Multiple residential parking lots surround the high-rises, but are now rarely used due to the distance from those lots to the current dorm buildings.


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