Beloved River’s Edge barista reflects on her academic journey

Published 10/3/18

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Jordan Gogo, TNE Writer

River’s Edge is the newest addition to NSU’s wide variety of dining options. Located on the first floor of the university center, this café is a popular on-campus location for students to eat, relax and see friendly faces. Returning customers are likely to recognize Patsy SpottedBird, River’s Edge barista. She is known to go out of her way to talk with customers, remember their favorite orders and give exceptional service.

NSU offers financial aid opportunities to students

Published 10/2/18

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Caitlin Felts, TNE Writer

As the new school year begins, so does the FAFSA enrollment for the 2019-2020 academic year. For students who are either re-enrolling for FAFSA or enrolling for the first time, the process of seeking financial aid can pose challenges for college students.

International scholarships help students complete a college degree

Published 9/28/18

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Yikun Wang, TNE Writer

NSU offers a variety of scholarships to students. These scholarships encourage students to improve their GPA and aid students who need help and financial assistance. The NSU International Office offers international scholarship programs to all international students.

NSU educates students on safe sex

Published 9/27/18

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Colby Luper, TNE Writer

NSU Fraternity and Sorority Life has partnered with the Office of Outreach and Prevention for an event to educate students about safe sex and aid in the prevention of unplanned pregnancies among students.


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