Janelle Adair tells stories for Native American Heritage Month

Published 11/6/17

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Valeriia Efimenko, TNE Writer

American Indian Heritage Month is celebrated at NSU every November with a variety of events. NSU has organized many events and activities in the past for American Indian Heritage Month. This month empowers Native Americans to celebrate and share their culture and experiences. Many of the events are interactive and it makes the learning experience more impactful and memorable. This month works to facilitate ongoing relationships, exchange, learning and appreciation of diverse Native American people and cultures.

NSU observes American Indian Heritage Month

Published 11/7/17

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Jacob Chavez, Contributing Writer

American Indians are an integral part of NSU’s history, as the university originally began as the Cherokee National Female Seminary in 1851. Today, American Indians make up approximately 36.1 percent of the student body at NSU, according to the NSU American Indian profile of 2016 located on NSU’s website.

Unique Vintiques offers one-of-a-kind shopping experience

Published 11/6/17

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Jessica Sudbeck, TNE Writer

Unique Vintiques Market is Tahlequah's premier antique and vintage marketplace.  Each of the booth vendors inside the shop brings their own style to add to the mix of beauty and charm. The shop opened its doors in April 2016 and has since proven to be a one-of-a kind shopping experience.

NSU celebrates American Indian Heritage Month

Published 11/02/17

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Trista Vaughn, TNE Writer

NSU’s Center for Tribal Studies presents American Indian Heritage Month by organizing events throughout the month of November commemorating Native American history.

American Indian Heritage Month takes place annually in the month of November. AIHM is a nationwide event where Native American communities come together to celebrate the rich cultures and traditions that tribal communities possess. Although the month of November is designated for AIHM, it is important to note that Native American heritage is still celebrated every day of the year.


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