Writing club connects creative minds


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Justin Montoya, Contributing Writer

Write Club is a student organization that encourages creative writing at NSU in every aspect. The club is intended not only for students who have a fondness for writing creatively, but also for any students from any varying career paths who want to become better writers.

Center for Tribal Studies showcases Indigenous Men’s and Women’s Leadership Summit

Published 3/1/2018

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Jalen Porter, TNE Writer

The Center for Tribal Studies is presenting the Indigenous Men’s and Women’s Leadership Summit. The summit will bring students and community members together to focus on indigenous leadership from both male and female perspectives. They provide a forum for students to discuss and recognize their role as indigenous leaders in Indian Country.

“The tribal studies staff and I began discussing last fall about the program,” said Alisa Douglas, student programs coordinator. “We’ve been organizing the event ever since then, and I’m glad we are here to promote it.”

Physics major returns to NSU campus

Published 2/28/18

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Tabby Talbot, TNE Writer

Two students will be graduating this May with a new major offered at NSU under their belt. Tucker Mastin, Tahlequah senior, and Joshua Goins, Owasso senior, will be the first two students to graduate with an applied physics major.

NSU students further education through graduate school

Published 2/22/2018

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Ciara Hankins, TNE Writer

While graduating college with a bachelor’s degree may seem like the end of school to some students, there are students who decide to further their education by applying for a graduate program. Graduate school is something a student may know they want to pursue from the beginning of college or it may be something someone in the professional world may pursue to open up new career opportunities.


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