Campus police ensure student safety

Published 9/1/16

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Lauren Redden, TNE Writer

When students are busy with their studies, it can be easy to forget about one’s personal safety while on campus. Personal safety can be anything from looking both ways before crossing the road to protecting one’s self from potential danger. Whichever the case may be, the safety of faculty, staff and students is of upmost importance.

John Vaughan Library offers more than books

Published 8/30/16

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Dillan Davis, TNE Writer

The John Vaughan Library, built in 1949, has been a cornerstone of learning and studying since it was built. The library has changed much since then, but it still maintains its status as a campus gathering spot centered around supplementing the education students receive in the classrooms.

Students plan to stay sharp over summer break

Published 4/27/16

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Kelsey Baucom, Contributing Writer

Almost everyone is familiar with the phrase “summer loss of learning,” which refers to the phenomenon over summer break where students turn off their brain, only to return to school in the fall a little dull from months of no educational stimulation. For some students, a good option is to take summer classes. For others, it is important to enjoy the summer free of academic stress. Either way, with the spring 2016 semester coming to an end, NSU students are ready for summer break.


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