Students receive loans

Published 9/8/16

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Cecilia Wantland, TNE Writer

College can be expensive even after scholarships and grant. Students can look into receiving loans to help cover the remaining cost. There are four types of loans.

Homecoming traditions create school spirit on campus

Published 9/8/16

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Jessica Henry, TNE Writer

Football homecoming is one of the most anticipated events of the fall semester. The theme for this year is “There’s No Place Like Homecoming.” NSU has many traditions that welcome alumni back to the campus and allow new students to become immersed in school spirit.

Major decisions take a student to the next level

Published 9/6/16

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Kasidee Webb, TNE Writer

College is the next step in life to further an education after high school graduation. Freshman year, a student is not expected to know the exact route he or she is going to take. Freshman year is about learning to be responsible without a parent’s guidance. Going to college being completely unsure about what he or she wants to do is not uncommon. Going to college knowing exactly what he or she wants to do is normal, as well. Taking general education classes gets a student ready to go into a major field. By taking different general required classes, a student is able to know what he or she is and is not interested in.


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