NSU College of Optometry leads in clinical and patient experience

Published 9/21/17

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Jessica Sudbeck, TNE Writer

With only 23 optometric training schools in the nation, the NSU Oklahoma College of Optometry has been recognized as one of the leading institutions in optometric practices in the country. NSUOCO prides itself on developing superior optometrists with extensive experience in the classroom and in clinics across Cherokee Nation, as well as externships in surroundings cities by the time they finish their program.  

Students join intramural teams

Published 9/20/17

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Valeriia Efimenko, TNE Writer

The FIT offers the opportunity for students to compete in intramural sports against their peers in a friendly environment. Intramurals are easy to join and easy to play. There are activities offered to fit everyone’s needs and abilities.

NSU students ignore safety policies on campus

Published 9/20/17

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Valeriia Efimenko, TNE Writer

Too many cars but not enough parking spots seems like one of the most common problems on campuses. The parking situation gets a little worse in the beginning of fall semester when first semester students and employees are learning where all the designated parking lots are located. Approximate time of walking from the furthest points away from one another on campus are under 15 minutes.

Tulsa Athletic recruits NSU soccer players

Published 9/20/17

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Taylor Brown, TNE Writer

Since the soccer team was formed in 2013, Tulsa Athletic has continued to recruit NSU players each season. Tulsa Athletic plays every summer for the National Premier Soccer League as part of the Heartland Conference. In July, Tulsa made it to the Heartland Conference finals match and ultimately ranked second in the conference.


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