RiverHawk Ambassadors encourage incoming freshman

Published 9/8/17

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Ana Davis, TNE Writer 

NSU offers many ways for students to get involved on campus and also receive help with school and life. RiverHawk Ambassadors act as a tool to provide these opportunities on NSU’s campus.

NSU gives the intangible

Published 9/7/17

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Keajon Guidry, TNE Writer

Tahlequah is home to the Cherokee Nation, the Illinois River and NSU. Every year hundreds of new and old students journey to Tahlequah to attend the university. There are numerous reasons for students to choose NSU. Whether it be the location, affordability or sentimental reasons, the stories vary from freshman to senior on why students adopted the title of RiverHawk.

NeoHealth benefits students

Published 9/7/17

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Julie Ferguson, TNE Writer

Coming to college can sometimes mean having to find a new optometrist, a new dentist and a new doctor. NSU students are fortunate enough to have a doctor’s office right on campus. Northeastern Oklahoma Community Health Centers, Inc. is a community partner striving to provide primary health care to the residents of northeastern Oklahoma. NeoHealth serves NSU students, faculty and staff, as well as the Tahlequah community.  Libby Rogers, APRN-CNP is the nurse practitioner on campus and can treat any student, faculty or staff.

Sydney Rappe takes Open Jar Residency opportunity

Published 9/6/17

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Trenton Morgan, TNE Writer

Sydney Rappe, NSU pom coach and Impressions Dance Company director, will soon be moving to New York for an eight-week program called the Open Jar Residency. Rappe is one of 14 participants chosen nationwide for this program. The Open Jar Residency is geared toward introducing participants and networking them into performing on the east coast.


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