Conceal carry class sparks gun debate

Published 4/19/18

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Tori Dodson, TNE Writer

Every month, NSU’s Continuing Education program provides students with the opportunity to take a conceal carry class. This class teaches students the current Oklahoma statutes concerning the use of lethal protection.

NSU students reflect on recent campus changes

Published 4/19/48

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Ciarra Hankins, TNE Writer

The NSU campus in Tahlequah is constantly changing. From huge construction projects to extending hours for meal trade, there have been a significant amount of changes on NSU’s campus in recent years. With graduation quickly approaching, one may begin to reflect on how much NSU has changed throughout their college career.

NSU Opera Workshop performs the Elixir of Love

Published 4/12/18

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Jalen Porter, TNE Writer

NSU’s Opera Workshop serves as a program that develops performance skills for the emerging singer-actor. They perform various scenes in the fall semester and a full production in the spring. This semester, Opera Workshop is performing Gaetano Donizetti's comic opera, “The Elixir of Love.”

Seniors hand out their freshman coin

Published 4/12/18

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Ciarra Hankins, TNE Writer

The Freshman Coin Walk is an event that takes place on the Tahlequah campus every fall. At the coin walk, incoming freshmen receive a coin to keep throughout their college journey and are encouraged to pass it on to someone who has helped them achieve success before they graduate.


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