NSU offers Native American sorority
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NSU offers Native American sorority

Published 10/23/17

Trista Vaughn

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Since 1994, Native American women have had a chance to be a part of a Greek organization. Members of the Alpha Pi Omega are committed to each other, as well as their communities, tribes, families, academic excellence and self-empowerment. NSU’s Theta chapter was chartered June 2, 2007.

“My favorite thing about the sorority would be that I have the best sisters, not just on campus but nationwide,” said Sharyse Monroe, Alpha Pi Omega president. “I've met so many new sisters from different chapters that I kind of expect to meet a new sister every time I go somewhere. They all have their own story, and I like to meet people who are not only like me but also have other interests.”

Monroe said she came to NSU as a transfer student and after reading the mission statement and going to one of the Alpha Pi Omega meetings, she knew the sorority would help her break out of her shell and grow as a Native American woman.

Alpha Pi Omega sorority is the country’s largest and oldest Native American Greek-letter organization. Founded on Sept. 1, 1994 at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, the sorority strives to provide a support network for collegiate and professional Native American women in contemporary society. Alpha Pi Omega sorority has recognized more than 100 tribes and 19 chartered chapters, including the Theta chapter at NSU.

“Staying up-to-date is one of my many jobs for the sorority,” said Erin Frazier, Alpha Pi Omega vice president. “I do whatever the president tells me to do because if the president isn't happy, nobody's happy. I also represent meetings and events that the president can’t make.

Including community service and study hours, Alpha Pi Omega is committed to meeting requirements to complete homework, volunteer hours and yearly payment dues just like the other sororities on campus. They are obligated to have regular chapter meetings, academic advisers, an alumni adviser, regional advisers and a grand keepers board to oversee the sorority.

Although more than half of the women in the sorority are Native American, all women with diverse ethnicity are welcomed to join as long as the requirements are met. Requirements to become a member include attending two informal meetings, being a full-time student, maintaining  a 2.3 GPA or higher and not being a member of another sorority, excluding honor or professional Greek letter organizations.The mission of Alpha Pi Omega sorority is to create a strong sisterhood that will serve as a support for college women in today's society.

“I'm sure a lot of college students can relate, but finding funding and motivation to continue going to school can be pretty challenging at times,” said Melissa Sam, Wilburton senior. “Words of encouragement and support are just some of the few things that I learned in the sorority and I know I will carry those things with me forever.”

Sam said she hopes one day she will be able to help other Native American women who are struggling with going toand finishing school. She believes Alpha Pi Omega members do it for their people, their families and their communities.

For more information, email Monroe monroe@nsuok.edu or visit Alpha Pi Omega's Facebook page.

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