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Tri Sigma arranges Anchorman pageant

Published 4/5/18

Ciarra Hankins

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Greek organizations on NSU’s campus typically have another student from outside of their organization represent them. For Tri Sigma, this student serves as their Anchorman. Every year, a student from NSU is chosen to represent Tri Sigma. He is invited to Tri Sigma events and has the opportunity to bond and get to know the members. Each year the Anchorman is different and they make the position their own. No two Anchormen have been the same.

“As Anchorman, you are going to have the great opportunity to represent the wonderful ladies of Sigma Sigma Sigma,” said Dakota Davis, Colcord junior. “If I could do it all over again I would, it was such a great experience. I learned so much from these bright young women. They are honestly the pinnacle of what any sorority should want to be.”

Davis was chosen to be the Anchorman in spring 2016 and passed the title to Garrett Cochran in spring 2017. Davis is a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and is active on campus.

In order to be considered Anchorman, one must participate in the Anchorman pageant. The pageant varies year to year, but the part that stays the same is the talent segment and Sigma wear. Contestants are open to interpret Sigma wear however they please, and often the audience finds the talent portion to be comical. All pageant participants must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA. The Tri Sigma chapter votes on who they want to be their Anchorman based on the pageant performances.

“Our current anchorman has went above and beyond anything us girls ever imagined,” said Brandi Moore, Haileyville sophomore. “He has done many things to remind us that he cares and that he is here for us. From making us new wooden letters to sending us scriptures, he has done it all. Whoever comes after him has his work cut out for him. I know that we will be just as accepting to the new Anchorman as we were to Garrett. I hope that they take Garrett’s term as Anchorman as inspiration but makes it their own.”

Garrett Cochran, current Anchorman, has been active during his term. He surprised the chapter by making brand new wooden letters, leaving handwritten notes and sending messages of encouragement. Cochran has also delivered sweets to the chapter for every a holiday.

“Being Anchorman this past year has been awesome,” said Cochran. “Getting to hangout with and serve the best girls on campus has been great. It is hard not running for it again, but hopefully the next Anchorman will have the same experience I have had.”

The Anchorman pageant will be at 6 p.m., April 24 in the Webb Tower Room. For more information, email Alondra Bustamante, Anchorman pageant coordinator at

To sign up to participate, fill out the form at

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