Greek Sing benefits fellow NSU student

Published 4/8/16

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Alex Pierce, Contributing Writer

NSU’s sororities and fraternities will be putting on a show not to miss. The theme for Greek Sing this year includes music by Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson. Greek Sing not only brings the students together but it brings the entire community together and it is for a great cause.

Sigma searches for their next anchorman

Published 4/5/16

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Jolene Hawkins, TNE Writer

Greek organizations take philanthropy events extremely seriously and each have their own events they have to raise money for their respective philanthropies. This year, Tri Sigma presents the fourth annual anchorman competition. This event allows any male on NSU campus to participate in a pageant competition to determine who will be Tri Sigma’s next anchorman.

Greek life says no to hazing

Published 3/10/16

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Jolene Hawkins, TNE Writer

Hazing is a huge problem at colleges all across the United States. Every year, students die during events associated with hazing. The Greek community at NSU is making sure what happens at other universities does not happen here.

Tri Sigma has philanthropy event for former alumnae’s infant diagnosed with leukemia

Published 2/29/16

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Alyssa Funburg, Multimedia Writer

The ladies of the Tri Sigma, Alpha Iota chapter have been having a pancake dinner in the spring for several years. In the past, proceeds from this philanthropy event have gone to their national philanthropy, Sigma Serves Children.



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