Paradigm Shift develops strong leaders
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Paradigm Shift develops strong leaders

Published 2/8/18

Caleb Eutsler

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Paradigm Shift is an organization based out of Muskogee that offers leadership events to help develop leadership skills and promote personal growth. The organization is facilitating a new hiring process and leadership trips this semester. With the team traveling to Hawaii, India and California, all in the span of three months, Paradigm Shift is working to create strong leaders.

I learned about Paradigm Shift when I was a senior in college at Oral Roberts University,” said Neha Ghelani, Paradigm Shift business development manager. “My student organization hired PS to lead some team building exercises for a burn survivor conference that we were hosting. That’s where I met Ryan Eller. After about two years of following the team online, I attended a training and decided that I wanted to be part of the team. About a year and a half later, I was able to quit my full-time job and spend more time with Paradigm Shift.”

While Paradigm Shift focuses on creating leaders and helping them with their intentionality, they use challenging games and learning atmospheres to get their job completed, creating opportunities for leaders to lead intentionally.

This is a big year for Paradigm Shift and we’re excited about it,” said Ryan Eller, Paradigm Shift lead facilitator and co-founder. “This year, we will be traveling to India for our annual international expedition and are still traveling and working with students around the nation while partnering with some of the best TRIO and Gear Up programs.”

The federal TRIO and Gear Up programs are student services provided to students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Paradigm Shift plays a big role in programs such as TRIO and Gear Up, organizing leadership events and engaging the students in fun activities.

“I love that I am able to meet so many different people with Paradigm Shift,” said Hailey Pace Thomas, Paradigm Shift educational consultant. “It's such an awesome feeling being able to connect with so many different people all over the world. Not only do I love being a facilitator and leading leadership activities, I love that I’m able to do it alongside some of the best, most creative and smartest people I know.”

Consultants and facilitators who work for the Paradigm Shift team are trained to travel all across the United States to lead events for people involved in nonprofits, educational groups, corporations and high school and college programs. The team has advanced leadership all across the world. Paradigm Shift has more than 50 workers who facilitate these programs and train leaders of tomorrow. Paradigm Strives to engage and serve.

Being on the Paradigm Shift team and working under the leadership of Ryan and Jerrod has been one of the biggest learning experiences in my professional life,” said Ghelani. “They genuinely care and that helps the team trust. When you trust your leaders, the fear of sharing weaknesses turns into an opportunity to share them knowing that without judgement, you will be lead in the right direction. You will learn. You will grow. You will overcome your fears.”

Consultants help leaders in developing relationships and a defined purpose, as well as in setting goals. This is done through practical leadership experiences attained through models based on adventure. Those participating in the Paradigm Shift organization learn from keynote speakers and online coaches and training, as well as interactive workshops.

“It has enabled me to maximize on the strengths and potential I have,” said Eller. “While unveiling skills and talents I had overlooked, it is an avenue I use to live out my passion to empower those I’m surrounded by every day.”

Every year, Paradigm Shift looks to grow their team by adding new members that strive to build up a world of leadership. People who have a heart for other people, love traveling and want to advance their qualities are asked to apply for the team. Prior to applying, potential members will go through an interview process and be asked why they want to join.

Recruiting is a fun part of my job,” said Eller. “I get to meet so many students from different universities and colleges, and we all want to do the same thing: create a fun learning environment for students. During the process of building this company, I have had to do many things that I was not experienced in. I had to sacrifice things that were important to me at the time in order to focus on learning what I needed to know if I wanted to see progress. Doing things I didn’t like was just as important, if not more, as doing things I enjoyed during the process of starting this business. Paradigm Shift has confirmed for me that you can do anything you put your mind to. It just takes discipline.”

If interested in working for the Paradigm Shift team, email Amy Ogden, Paradigm Shift educational consultant, at

There are so many different types of people on the Paradigm Shift team,” said Pace. “That’s what makes us so unique. If you want to be a part of a company that teaches you, pushes you to be the best you can be and values you, apply to be a facilitator at Paradigm Shift.”


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