Pets in the Park returns to benefit SAW

Published 3/21/17

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Madeline Jurus, TNE Writer

Pets in the Park is a community event that gives the public a day out with their beloved pets. The event provides information and awareness for the safety and welfare of the pets and strays of the region. This year the event will also raise money to benefit the NSU Student Animal Welfare organization.

Feminism affects lives of people on campus and beyond

Published 3/21/17

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Madeline Jurus, TNE Writer

As tensions between political narratives grow, social issues within minority groups are also brought to light. One movement that has been growing in the U.S. and around the world is the feminist movement.

Paradigm Shift impacts multiple states

Published 3/21/17

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Caleb Eutsler, TNE Writer

Paradigm Shift is a leadership program stationed out of Muskogee that travels all across the country to engage students to become better people and leaders of tomorrow. The PS team had the opportunity to go to Wisconsin for the 6th Annual Young Adult Burn Survivor Conference.

F.E.S. Fitness organizes fundraiser for veterans

Published 3/20/17

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Madison Durham, TNE Writer

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, there is an average of 22 veteran suicides every day. That is 660 lives lost in 30 days and 8,030 in one year. Victor Echo Tango has teamed up with F.E.S. Fitness to conduct this year’s We Have the Watch workout fundraiser to help bring awareness to veteran suicide.


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