My Tahlequah partners with the Big Event to promote a cleaner community

Published 3/27/17

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Thomas Gardner, TNE Writer

My Tahlequah is a bi-annual community cleanup event. The clean up takes place once in the spring and again in the fall each year. During the spring clean up the My Tahlequah clean up partners with NSU’s Big Event clean up to come together and spend the day making Tahlequah shine.

Oklahoma House passes bill to raise teacher salaries

Published 3/23/17

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Kelsey Baucom, TNE Writer

In an effort to address the problem many educators face, the Oklahoma House of Representatives recently passed Bill 1114 to steadily raise teachers’ salaries by $6,000 over the next three years. Since it passed, it will now go to the Senate for consideration. While the idea of paying teachers more is widely supported in theory, the reality of much-needed budget cuts in the state poses an inevitable challenge for legislators to properly allocate the funds to back this bill.

Strict laws regulate carrying

Published 3/23/17

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Bailee Harmon, TNE Writer

Carrying a gun is not something to be taken lightly. It is a way to keep individuals protected, but if one is not properly trained then it poses potential dangers. There is a never ending list of rules and guidelines to learn about this issue. While a class can be taken to become certified, further research should be done and advanced classes should be taken to ensure the laws are fully understood.

Pets in the Park returns to benefit SAW

Published 3/21/17

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Madeline Jurus, TNE Writer

Pets in the Park is a community event that gives the public a day out with their beloved pets. The event provides information and awareness for the safety and welfare of the pets and strays of the region. This year the event will also raise money to benefit the NSU Student Animal Welfare organization.


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