Students reflect on using cultures as Halloween costumes

Published 10/10/17

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Marissa Mitchell, TNE Writer

From “Cherokee Mistress” to “Taco Time Man,” Halloween costumes have become more and more controversial as the years go on. Recently, the ‘We are a culture, not a costume.’ movement has been making big waves in the Halloween community. Racial stereotypes can be seen in costumes for all ages. Oftentimes, it is taking something sacred from that culture, such as a headdress or a spiritual day, and mimicking it in a stereotype. This particular movement takes a stand against racial stereotypes and their use in Halloween costumes. Using posters, hashtags and speeches, the supporters of this movement are normal people of different cultures trying to educate people on these controversial costumes.

Baptist Collegiate Ministry helps Muskogee School for the Blind

Published 10/10/17

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Zach Cobler, TNE Writer

The Baptist Collegiate Ministry has a variety of different ways to serve. One of these ways to serve is in community missions. Community Missions is a BCM group of students that volunteer by going into the surrounding communities to serve people and show them the love of God.

Tahlequah Skin Boutique offers natural skin care

Published 10/1/17

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Jessica Sudbeck, TNE Writer

The Skin Boutique in Tahlequah is a local skin care shop that offers a new concept in retail beauty.  The shop offers a line of skin care products that are created by the owner called Kamama Skin Care, as well as massage, waxing and other services designed to naturally take care of the body. 


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