Horses for Healing helps people with disabilities

Published 10/15/18

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Caleb Eutsler, TNE Writer

Jaycee Jeffrie’s Horses for Healing is a nonprofit organization that partners with Onward and Upward and uses equine therapy to improve the lives of people with disabilities. By using the horse to improve physical, emotional, social and cognitive disabilities, the therapy improves the lives of the disabled. After thorough research and travel, the Jeffries are ready to begin their journey of helping others.

Felts Shoes supports the NSU community

Published 10/9/18

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Caitlin Felts, TNE Writer

After years of service to the Tahlequah and NSU community, Felts Shoes continues to give back. Clay Felts and his wife Kay Felts founded Felts Family Shoe Store in 1939. They opened the store on Valentine’s Day of that year and have since become known for their family-owned business both locally and statewide.

Tahlequah residence preserves wildlife habitat

Published 10/02/18

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Sebastian Cooper, TNE Writer

The Tahlequah Mission Park Project is a nonprofit organization created to preserve a section of land located at Mission and First street in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. This acreage is home to many local habitats such as deer, fox, rabbits, raccoons and a lone mountain lion. TMPP is looking to create various hiking and walking trails along with a community park. Within this park, the organization hopes to create a pond and establish zones for the elderly and family-orientated gatherings.

2018 election influences change across all of Oklahoma

Published 9/21/18

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Colby Luper, TNE Writer

The 2018 election season is approaching and information on what is going to be on the ballot is being distributed to the public. Education is a debated issue and after the teacher walk-out earlier this year, it continues to be on the minds of both politicians and the general public. Other topics such as healthcare and the management of government spending in Oklahoma is also be directly affected by this year’s election. The gubernatorial race decides who is to succeed Mary Fallin as governor of Oklahoma, and the five state questions voted on this November have an impact throughout the state.


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