GRDA promotes river safety with family-friendly event

Published 4/25/17

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Thomas Gardner, TNE Writer

The Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission consolidated within the Grand River Damn Authority last year after a couple different attempts to do so. This merger brought the scenic rivers commission under the GRDA name. Since then GRDA has been active along the scenic Illinois River. That is the plan again this summer starting with the scenic river kickoff.

Students look to buy a home

Published 4/24/17

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Bailee Harmon, TNE Writer

Some students who are attending college buy a house during college or soon after graduation. Oftentimes these students have to start the process with no knowledge of what they are going into or what the requirements are for buying a home.

NSU students anticipate the first ever Virtue conference

Published 4/19/17

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Dae'lyn Smith, TNE Writer

About five years ago in Pryor, Tyra Rains, the pastor’s wife from Your Place Church, had a conversation with a few young women who were struggling to believe in a happily ever after. After the conversation, Rains felt the need to teach women their value, explain the importance of character and express Jesus’ love for them. Shortly after this conversation, the first Virtue life group began.

Students look at specifics when shopping for new computers

Published 4/19/17

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Madeline Jurus, TNE Writer

A computer can be a handy thing for students to have during their college careers with their many features and programs, which can help students finish homework and projects or provide stress relief through gaming and social media. When in the market for a new computer however, some may not know where to begin looking or what to look for.


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