ABC shares history of Black History Month

Published 2/6/19

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Kinsey Shade, TNE Writer

The creation of Black History Month began in 1926 as “Negro History Week,” by Carter G. Woodson. Woodson was a renowned African American historian, scholar, author, journalist and publisher. Woodson would become known as “The Father of Black History.” Woodson’s believed black history was important to learn and understand. It was not just important for the black community but for all people.

Stumo Nights offer growth opportunities

Published 2/6/19

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Alex McBride, TNE Writer

Student Mobilization is a Christian organization with a goal to help college students grow. The organization was founded in 1986 by Steve and Carol Shadrach in Conway, Arkansas. The organization has since spread to other universities including NSU.

Write Club encourages creativity in spring semester

Published 2/5/19

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Taylor Austin, TNE Writer

NSU’s Write Club helps students by providing a place to fine-tune their writing skills. The club was formed in 2012 by students who wanted a supportive group to practice writing in all forms. A typical meeting includes creating or using an existing writing prompt and giving writers time to develop the beginnings of a story. There are no rules or regulations on what to write. After the allotted time, the writers share their different perspectives over the prompt.

RiverHawk Ambassadors begin new semester

Published 2/1/19

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Caleb Eutsler, TNE Writer

NSU offers many opportunities for current students to get involved on campus and the RiverHawk Ambassadors is one of them. As an ambassador, a student’s job is to recruit high school or transfer students to the campus. They learn the history and pride of NSU and share it with future students.


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