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Vision for student library organization comes to pass

Published 11/6/17


Hannah Barlow

Contributing Writer

Student Advocates for Library Engagement is a student organization that creates events for the John Vaughan Library to get people interested in discovering what the library has to offer.   

Amanda Chappelle, administrative assistant to the executive director of NSU libraries, was intrigued after reading about student library organizations at other schools so she set out to implement an organization for NSU libraries. Last spring, the vision was realized when Chappelle and Susan Woitte, information literacy librarian, along with Samantha Clifford, government information librarian, sent out membership applications to select students who love libraries, would help promote what the library has to offer, plan student events and advocate for libraries across campus. After seven students were selected to the serve on the board, SALE started the semester off in full swing with a game night for incoming freshmen during Welcome Week.

“We have the opportunity to show students that the library has so much to offer other than the couches, and have fun doing it,” said Crystal Matlock Stowers, SALE president. “We are looking forward to a monthly book club, a cosplay trivia night and a finals week activity.” The programs are designed to make students want to take time out of their busy schedules to get involved and to help students take a break from the stress of homework. SALE wants the library to be an enjoyable study place, and with a wide range of resources available, SALE strives to promote the library as the go-to place. With the InterLibrary Loan system, students can obtain books and other types of media from outside libraries if it is not available on campus. The Game of Thrones, which the hit TV show is based off has recently been made available to be checked out. The second floor of JVL has Mac computers available and also houses Special Collections, where students can research the history of Oklahoma as well as the culture of the Cherokee Native Americans. There is also a section of the second floor where education majors can check out resources such as curriculum, learning games and flashcards.

“Since I am an education ,major, I utilize the children's books and the section of the library dedicated to education majors,” said Tahlissa Ellis, Bunch junior.There is something warm and inviting about the study environment and the staff is great.”

An important aspect of SALE is that the organization was designed with students in mind. Although bookworms are always welcome, members of SALE want the library to be inviting to everyone.

“SALE is not just for people who love books, or even spend a majority of the time in the library,” said Joy Harrington, SALE vice president. “SALE is not just for some people; it is for all. We want people to know we are here and we’re here to help.”

For more information about upcoming events, visit Student Advocates for Library Engagement’s Facebook page.

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