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Wesley prepares for a semester of impact

Published 2/1/18

Caleb Eutsler

TNE Writer

 The Wesley Foundation is all about serving and impacting students, and in order to do that this semester, they are raising their standards high. Through community engagement, free meals and biblical events. They plan to reach high into this new semester.

“We are involved a lot more in the campus community this semester,” said Shana Dry, Wesley Foundation director. “We will be hosting two service projects every month through April, while offering time for more facilities to be in fellowship with one another.”

The Wesley Foundation’s main goal is to let people know they are a church that is all about grace. Everyone is welcome with no judgement or requirement to come and get involved. To come as one is is one of their biggest missions, focusing on services with students in order to do that.

“The Wesley is full of people with servant hearts,” said Bailey Rains, Pryor senior. “Since I was a freshman, every year it gets better. They always aim to help us even when it’s something that doesn’t have to do with meals.”

For years Wesley has used meals to help bring and connect students together. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., every Wednesday they offer free meals to students. Students can come, eat and talk amongst themselves. With no hidden agenda, students are invited into a opening environment.

“The Wesley center provides a welcoming and Christian environment,” said Bob Parrish, Wesley Foundation board member. “Students can relax, study, eat a good meal and have an opportunity for worship.”

This semester the Wesley is having Table Talk at 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday. This allows students to come and see the side of the foundation that many students want to be a part of.

“Our Bible study on Wednesday night is more of an open table talk discussion,” said Dry. “We do have a scripture that we base our conversation on, but it is truly a safety zone and everyone respects everyone else's opinion. We have some great discussions and the time always seems to be too short.”

Wesley is organizing a campus-wide worship in April along with the weekly worship. The Wesley is quickly growing and welcoming everyone to come be a part of that growth.

“We, as a board, rely on input from our director, students and assistants a lot,” said Parrish. “They help us improve and make changes. I would like to see more campus awareness of the Wesley.”

For more information concerning the Wesley and what they are offering in the near future, visit

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