Green Link Dinner benefits students
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Green Link Dinner benefits students

Published 2/7/2018

Jesse Crittenden

TNE Writer

For an NSU student, the Green Link Dinner represents an ideal opportunity to get ahead.

The Green Link Dinner is an annual event put on by the Future Alumni Network, NSU’s largest student body organization. Its main goal is to connect current NSU students with NSU alumni through a free dinner put on by Sodexo. There is typically a motivational speaker, a door prize and the chance to become acquainted with several alumni from NSU.

Students will register online before the event and include their major or preferred field of study. The Future Alumni Network uses the majors students list to invite alumni from NSU who work in those fields, and then FAN pairs up students and an alumni in a compatible field. The idea is to get about four or five students to each table with an alumnus.

For Future Alumni Network president Cheyhoma Dugger, the dinner is a great networking opportunity for students.

“Green Link is a unique opportunity for students,” said Dugger, Hartshorne junior. “We are given the opportunity to meet with people who are in our intended fields and learn about their experiences and seek their advice.”

The thing that really sets this dinner apart is the extended time students get with alumni from NSU, which is usually a difficult opportunity to find outside of the dinner.

“What makes (this event) unique is the fact that all of these people are NSU alumni,” said Dugger. “They walked down the same halls that we walk down. Some have even had the same professors we have. So this allows our students to seek advice about our time here. This event becomes beneficial for students of every classification.”

This year’s Green Link Dinner will be at the NSU Event Center in the community room. Natalie White, who serves as the events chair for the Future Alumni Network, thinks the Event Center is an ideal place for the dinner to take place.

“It’s one of the nicest places on campus,” said White, Wright City junior. “We’ve held the dinner there the past couple of years and it has really worked out. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from both the students and alumni.”

As a part of the dinner, students will also receive free business cards from NSU’s Career Services that they will receive upon arriving at the dinner. This gives students an opportunity to hand out their business cards to any alumnus they meet, as well as create possible opportunities for jobs and internships.

Maggie Falley, NSU’s Alumni Association graduate assistant, likes this aspect of the dinner.

“This gives students another opportunity to get their name out there and make a personal connection with alumni,” said Falley. “Several students have been able to find employment through this dinner.”

Dugger’s favorite part of the event is the extended connection students make with alumni.

“This allows you to learn from people who went different ways with their degree and why they did,” said Dugger. “It helps students to realize that we have many options after graduation. Plus, you are given an opportunity to exchange information and keep contact over time.”

The dinner is at 6 p.m., Wednesday, April 4. Student should arrive about 30 minutes early for registration. Online registration is open now on the NSU Alumni Association website.

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