Leoser Resident Assistants showcase Silent Library
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Leoser Resident Assistants showcase Silent Library

Published 4/5/18

Leoser Resident Assistants showcase Silent Library

Jalen Porter

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North Leoser three-story wings were built on to Northwest Leoser and Northeast Leoser in 1965. The dorm was named after Dr. Irwin D. Leoser, a physician for the male and female Cherokee Seminaries, along with his wife, Susan Agnew Leoser. At eight years old, Susan came to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears.

Every room is designed to house two students. Each floor has an average of 40 residents who share a common bathroom with four shower stalls, two vanities and four toilet stalls. The floors come with a study lounge for students to do their homework.

In addition, Leoser rooms include two twin beds, two drawers, two desks, two chairs, two built in closets, free Wi-Fi access for NSU students, free laundry room use, moveable furniture in the west and eats wings and access to the Pizza Hut Express. The cost to stay in Leoser is $1550 a semester.

RAs are responsible for the safety of NSU housing students. They are responsible for maintenance, policy violations and keeping a close relationship with their residents. RAs are current NSU students, but they go through training in order to assist their residents needs.

“Knock on their door at 1:00 a.m. and they’ll open their room to you,” said Hannah Haworth, Hulbert freshman. RAs are people that often get looked over, but there is some of us who appreciate the job they do.”

The North Leoser Resident Assistants have a variety of programs each month for students. The RAs are showcasing an event called Silent Library. They wanted to put on a program that helps students prepare for finals week, so they chose a theme that ties into that.

“I really appreciate RAs because they’re always looking out for you,” said Evan Rich, Colcord freshman. “You move away from from home, on your own for the first time, and they’re like the parents on your floor.”

The RAs thought Silent Library would be a good theme for students since it will teach them the importance of being considerate to others in the library. They are also implementing the movie “Monster's University” into the theme. The movie features a scene where a game is played in the library and characters are being silent and trying not to be caught by the librarian.

A popular TV show on MTV called Silent Library was released in 2009. In the show, contestants played games in the library and if they made noise they lost the challenge. Students will be judged by the librarian on a scale of zero to five. Five will be the quietest and zero will be the loudest. Students can refuse to do a task and still redeem points if another team member volunteers to do the task. If no one is willing to do the task, then the member of the team will receive a zero. Students in the audience have to be silent as well in order to appropriately judge the contestants.

“During the program, we will be playing a version of Silent Library,” said Kelsie Tulk, North Leoser resident assistant. “There will also be an area to make slime and an area to color or play games. We wanted to find things for the residents to do that was a mixture of fun and stress relief, while also preparing them for finals week.”

The Silent Library event is at 7 p.m., April 24, in North Leoser.

For more information, email Tulk at tulk@nsuok.edu.

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