Student Mobilization Conference seeks to help student growth

Published 11/13/18

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Emma Warnock, TNE Contributing Writer

Student Mobilization is a nondenominational, college campus organization that works to build students’ faith in God. StuMo is working to grow their foundation to become a nationwide organization. They currently have ministries at 18 different campuses, five being in Oklahoma. The goal of StuMo is to help college students learn more about God and how they can grow in their relationship with Him.

Movie Buffs Community celebrates mutual love for film

Published 11/13/18

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Bradley Dame, TNE Writer

Several clubs around campus offer movie screenings. The Northeastern Activities Board holds a movie night several times a semester for movies currently in theaters, the History Club screens historical movies and discusses their context and the Stonewall Equality Alliance has a yearly screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” to raise funds.  The new Movie Buffs Community is the only club the screens movies for the sake of film as an art form.

2018 edition of the Talon comes closer to publication

Published 11/13/18

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Bradley Dame, TNE Writer

NSU’s creative writing program established a new publication class to oversee the Talon, a responsibility previously held by the NSU Write Club. The Talon is the campus literary journal students, faculty and alumni can submit short stories, poetry and other forms of fiction or non-fiction to for publication.

Secular Student Alliance welcomes all students

Published 11/12/18

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Sebastian Cooper, TNE Writer

The Secular Student Alliance goal is to provide a safe environment for individuals who fit outside the traditional religious groups such as atheists, agnostics, humanists, secular humanists and other minority religious groups. Although the organization is geared toward anyone, the group centers itself around the idea of separation of church and state.

Spanish Club educates students about Latin culture

Published 11/8/18

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Jordan Gogo, TNE Writer

Latin culture has always had a place in America’s melting pot society. As time continues to progress, it becomes increasingly prevalent in the United States. The Spanish Club is a student organization that aims to create on-campus activities based on the growing Latin culture and language. The club is one of over 100 organizations in which students can participate.


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