Stonewall Equality Alliance pushes through prejudice

Published 9/28/17

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Trenton Morgan, TNE Writer

The Stonewall Equality Alliance has been on campus under various names for multiple years. Formerly known as the Gay-Straight Alliance, it was appropriate to change the name to promote inclusivity of all the LGBTQ spectrum. Members of SEA promote acceptance, understanding and knowledge to NSU.


StuMo aims to impact campus

Published 9/26/17

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Zach Cobler, TNE Writer

Student Mobilization is a nonprofit organization that is relatively new to the NSU campus. StuMo has had a presence at NSU for four years now, but this is the first official year for StuMo as an organization on campus. StuMo was originally founded in 1986 in Conway, Ark. as a nonprofit ministry.

Talons makes strides as one of NSU’s smallest organizations

Published 9/6/17

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Taylor Brown, TNE Writer

Talons is a student-run American Sign Language organization. It has been an organization for only a few years at NSU. Through Talons, students can expand their knowledge of ASL and Deaf culture, practice ASL with games and challenges, donate to and potentially volunteer for Happy Hands Education Center and ultimately become more involved on campus.

Freshmen strive for a seat on senate

Published 8/31/17

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Keajon Guidry, TNE Writer

College campuses offer a multitude of activities and opportunities for aspiring minds. Some students want to meet new friends or occupy their time with something productive. Other individuals would like to build a resume and gain work experience as soon as possible. One such opportunity for both types of students comes in the form of freshman senator elections. Every year, four freshman senators are elected from amongst a group of candidates to represent the entire incoming freshman class within Northeastern Student Government Association.


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