Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature develops student lawmakers

Published 10/3/17

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Trenton Morgan, TNE Writer

Students who become a member of the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature are given experience in passing laws in Oklahoma. OIL is a student-run organization that mocks legislative processes in a competitive way. Members spend their semester preparing to take their ideas to Oklahoma City.

Circle K International gears up for growth

Published 9/28/17

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Trenton Morgan, TNE Writer

Circle K International is a community service-based group on campus. The NSU CKI chapter was considered inactive by their nationals and was not recognized as an organization on campus. However, CKI is currently reorganizing from previous years, and the current officers and members are excited to see what differences they can make this year.

Stonewall Equality Alliance pushes through prejudice

Published 9/28/17

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Trenton Morgan, TNE Writer

The Stonewall Equality Alliance has been on campus under various names for multiple years. Formerly known as the Gay-Straight Alliance, it was appropriate to change the name to promote inclusivity of all the LGBTQ spectrum. Members of SEA promote acceptance, understanding and knowledge to NSU.


StuMo aims to impact campus

Published 9/26/17

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Zach Cobler, TNE Writer

Student Mobilization is a nonprofit organization that is relatively new to the NSU campus. StuMo has had a presence at NSU for four years now, but this is the first official year for StuMo as an organization on campus. StuMo was originally founded in 1986 in Conway, Ark. as a nonprofit ministry.


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