International student organizations celebrate Halloween in different cultures

Published 10/25/18

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Yikun Wang, TNE Writer

People dress up in a variety of costumes each year for Halloween. However international students celebrate the culture of Halloween differently. International student organizations are planning an international Halloween party that allows students to experience Halloween in different cultures.


NSU student mobilization strives to grow leaders

Published 10/24/18

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Sara Ryals, TNE Writer

Student Mobilization is a non-profit, college campus organization that exists to build spiritual leaders for Christ from the college campuses of the world. StuMo has been on the NSU campus since fall 2013. Since the organizations introduction, students have attended the Student Mobilization conference, SMski, Kaleo and semimonthly StuMo nights.

Sigma Tau Delta restores Halloween tradition

Published 10/15/18

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Jordan Gogo, TNE Writer

Haunted Seminary Hall celebrates NSU’s history and the ghost stories centered around the university during the Halloween season. Attendees take night tours through Seminary Hall, the oldest and allegedly most haunted building on NSU’s campus. Since 2015, Haunted Seminary Hall has been on hiatus. However, Sigma Tau Delta, NSU’s English honor society, plans to bring the event back.

BCM buddy program helps international students adapt to life at NSU

Published 10/12/18

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Yikun Wang, TNE Writer

NSU’s Baptist Collegiate Ministries is a Christian organization whose goal is to teach students, faculty and staff the news of Jesus Christ and grow leaders and people of integrity. They hope students use what they learn throughout the world and serve as examples of Christ. BCM established their International student buddy program in 2005.


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