Fish and Wildlife Club prepares for future careers

Published 3/15/18

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Brittany Amlin, TNE Writer

Fish and Wildlife Club prepares its members for future careers. The FAWC is a student organization at NSU that gives its members opportunities to volunteer and begin internships in wildlife management and related fields, as well as the opportunity to listen to individuals working in various conservation and environmental fields.

Entrepreneur Club promotes marketing workshop

Published 3/14/18

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Caleb Eutsler, TNE Writer

In fall 2017. Entrepreneur Club had interest meetings to offer resources to students that want to have their own businesses. With more students coming to the monthly meetings, the student committee sought to better their members by providing events that prepare them for their future careers. One of these events is the Online Marketing Workshop and it is open to all students and community members.

NSU Talons expands knowledge about deaf culture

Published 3/8/18

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Sydney Russell, TNE Writer

Talons is a student-led American Sign Language organization on campus. Talons allows students to grow their knowledge of Deaf culture and learn ASL with other members. Talons also creates opportunities for students to donate and volunteer for Happy Hands Education Center.

“To become an official member of Talons, a donation must be made to Happy Hands, typically any product for early childhood care,” said Eric Holt, Talons president.

Happy Hands is an early education center in Broken Arrow that teaches children from birth to age 6 that are deaf, hard of hearing or have a communication disorder. Happy Hands is a non-profit organization.


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