Robohawks and STEAM prepare future teachers for a new method of education

Published 11/1/17

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Taylor Brown, TNE Writer

STEAM, an up-and-coming method of wholistic teaching, encompasses science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics education. The purpose of promoting STEAM in the classroom is to teach children skills on a broad spectrum so they will be prepared for a changing workforce.

Wesley Foundation offers students a safe place to confide and learn

Published 10/31/17

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Valeriia Efimenko, TNE Writer

Over the years, the Wesley Foundation has had weekly Bible studies and discussions for all students to attend. The Wesley Foundation offers Christian Identity classes on Mondays and Sanctuary classes on Wednesdays. Students of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome.

Association of Black Collegians prepares to impact campus

Published 10/30/17

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Tyler Warrior, Contributing Writer

The Association of Black Collegians have returned to campus after a four-year hiatus and are ready to make a lasting impact on the NSU community. Under new leadership, the Association of Black Collegians is determined to highlight African American culture in a positive light with events such as Celebration of Essence. 

It’s On Us wants to end sexual assault

Published 10/25/17

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Trenton Morgan, TNE Writer

It’s On Us is a nationwide campaign that started in September 2014. The campaign was launched from the White House and has included more than 500 campuses. The movement was integrated at NSU as an organization and has been working with the NSU community on changing the perception of sexual assault.


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