SHWC implements changes to NSU’s homecoming

Published 9/11/18

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Courtney Bolt, TNE Writer

In the past, NSU’s homecoming has been centered around themes including Mardi Gras, paradise and circus. This year, the Student Homecoming Week Committee decided to center the week around NSU and why alumni come back to visit their alma mater. “It’s Time to Come Home: NSU Through the Ages” is the tag line the committee has decided on with the help of the alumni association.

Greek Life prepares Homecoming floats

Published 9/28/17

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Tyler Utt, TNE Writer

The NSU Homecoming Parade is one of the biggest parades that the city of Tahlequah partakes in. The city has its fair share of parades throughout the year, but the homecoming parade is hard to compare to. No parade is complete without the theme-based parade floats. Every year for homecoming, the Greek organizations organize a friendly competition. The fraternities and sororities compete to see who can build the best floats. From previous years, floats have ranged from small simple designs to huge extravagant pieces. The fraternities and sororities are grouped up in order to build a float based on the theme.

Football looks past homecoming distractions

Published 9/27/17

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Zach Cobler, TNE Writer

Homecoming brings an excitement to college campuses as the college football season carries on. The excitement grows the closer schools get to their homecoming. Homecoming comes with a variety of activities that students are encouraged to engage in. These activities all propose distractions for the college football players as they try to focus on the game. This is no different for the NSU players. 

NSU band prepares for homecoming week

Published 9/26/17

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Valeriia Efimenko, TNE Writer

Homecoming week is the biggest week of the year. Energy runs high this week as the band prepares to showcase its talents at various homecoming activities. Two different bands are typically involved in homecoming week: the marching band and the wind ensemble. The marching band will march in the parade on Saturday morning and then at the tailgate. Also, on Friday night, the wind ensemble will perform a concert at the Center of Performing Arts.

Alumni Association organizes Green and White Classic

Published 9/25/17

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Dustin Teenor, TNE Writer

Amongst the spirit and excitement of homecoming, the NSU Alumni Association, alongside Cherokee Nation and Liberty Mutual, is presents the Green and White Classic. The golf tournament connects alumni and raises funds for student scholarships.


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