Frustration rises as NSU students receive parking tickets
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Frustration rises as NSU students receive parking tickets

Published 11/15/17

Taylor Brown

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As parking has become limited on campus due to the addition of a new dorm building where a parking lot formerly sat, tickets are being dispersed in larger quantities. The reconstruction of Wyly Hall and addition of Isabel Cobb Hall resulted in more students living closer to Leoser and crowding the residential parking lots. Before the construction, students were evenly dispersed between Leoser, Haskell Hall and the high-rises, Logan, Hastings and Ross. Multiple residential parking lots surround the high-rises, but are now rarely used due to the distance from those lots to the current dorm buildings.

The construction of Cobb Hall not only relocated residents to an already-crowded spot of campus, but it also caused a parking lot next to Leoser to be covered. The now-covered lot provided another area for students to park closer to the dorm buildings.

While the concern for the lack of lighting on campus grows, many students have chosen to park in visitor and faculty parking spots overnight rather than walk across campus in the dark.

“If a visitor parking spot is available late at night, I’ll typically park there so I’m not having to walk a far distance in the dark,” said KayLynn Manley, Claremore sophomore. “Otherwise, I would have to park by the fitness center or the baseball fields. Both of those lots are far from Leoser, where I live. I don’t want to risk having to walk alone to my dorm late at night.”

No matter the reason, however, students can receive a parking ticket if they are parked in a spot that does not correspond with their parking permit. Students can also receive tickets for an expired or altered permit, parking in the fire lane or a handicap spot or any other parking violation.

Currently, the regular parking times are from 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday-Thursday with evening parking lasting from 5 p.m. until 7:30 a.m. the next morning. Despite most students’ confusion that evening parking was a recent addition to the NSU parking regulations, parking specialist Ken Rivas claims this regulation has not been changed since 1986.

Robert Rivera, Los Angeles senior and parking enforcer, agrees that ticketing at night is nothing new.

“There are a usually only one or two parking enforcers at night compared to how many there are during the day,” said Rivera. “People don’t think we do it at night because they don’t see us very often. People that aren’t connected to the school at all think ticketing stops at 5 p.m. and they can park anywhere they want after. Residents and commuters can actually park in faculty spots after 5 p.m., but they need to move their cars by 7 a.m. the next day to avoid being ticketed at 7:30 a.m.”

 Another concern from students is the difference between receiving a ticket from Campus Police and receiving a ticket from parking services.

“Campus Police and parking services are actually connected,” said Rivera. “Some of us work at night and we clock in and out for that through Campus Police. A lot of times Campus Police calls our office and our boss gets ahold of us to tell us that Campus Police is letting him know where people are parking without permits.

In order to avoid receiving a ticket, Rivas recommends paying close attention to how specific parking spots are labeled and arriving to campus earlier.

“Parking is available but not right in front the building door,” said Rivas. Arrive early enough to park accordingly to your permit type and know where designated parking spots are available.”

According to Rivas, the money received from parking tickets goes toward parking lot maintenance, lights, asphalt, office supplies, parking signs/poles/concrete, constructions and salaries.

For more information on NSU parking regulations, visit

For a map outlining where to park according to the various NSU parking permits, visit

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