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Future Alumni Network prepares for annual GreenLink event

Published 11/27/17

Tyler Warrior

Contributing Writer

The Future Alumni Network is excited for their annual GreenLink event that allows students and alumni to interact on a professional level. Throughout the academic year, FAN presents many events, and gives students a number of opportunities to connect with alumni. However, the Green Link event is one of the more prestigious events.  

“GreenLink is our largest event of the year,” said Cheyhoma Dugger, FAN president. “GreenLink is a network dinner. We invite all students and alumni to come and be a part. We match students and alumni based on their majors and professions and allow them to connect. Often we have a guest speaker, and/or a small workshop.” 

The GreenLink event provides students with an opportunity to connect with alumni, and get guidance on their future endeavors. 

“It is a great opportunity for students to get advice about the classes they should be taking, extracurricular activities they should be involved in, and what employers are looking for,” said Dugger. 

GreenLink is an open event, and is completely free to anyone who wishes to attend. Students benefit by attending the GreenLink event, but alumni benefit most by being able to direct students onto the path of success. Much is expected of not only the students, but the alumni members as well. 

“College can prepare a person for a career, but it can’t guarantee them a job,” said Natalie White, FAN events chair. “This event is important because it gives students a running start by connecting them with the right people. It is so very important for alumni to attend for the sake of the students. We could not have an event without them. This event can benefit alumni by introducing them to potential employees and coworkers.”

The GreenLink event is one of many things that being a member of FAN encompasses. One of the most pivotal aspects of being a member of FAN is a student being able to form a connection with alumni members who can guide them to success. 

“Our primary focus is to connect students with alumni,” said White. “One way that we do this on campus is through the Green and White room. This is a room located at the football field where free food is served during ball games to alumni and FAN members. This gives students a great opportunity to receive advice and meet potential employers.” 

Becoming a member of FAN is an easy process and contains many perks. Aside from helping students form relationships with alumni, FAN also rewards loyal members. 

“The perks of joining FAN are growing now more than ever,” said Sunny Bennett, FAN secretary. “FAN members receive a T-shirt, a cup that can be refilled on campus, and a membership card with perks around Tahlequah, such as free chips and salsa at Chili’s. In addition, we are just now transitioning into another perk program that can be used all over the nation. Beyond that, the value of learning and guidance from alumni who is succeeding in your career field is almost irreplaceable.”

FAN is committed to helping each student establish a lifelong companionship with alumni members, and develop a lifelong loyalty to NSU. Becoming a member of FAN can provide students with the opportunity to strengthen their connection with alumni, and events like GreenLink, allow students to get guidance in their professional endeavors.

“My favorite part is the GreenLink dinner,” said Jesse Crittenden, FAN vice president. “It’s a great networking opportunity with lots of benefits. Free food is always a great thing.”

For more information about the GreenLink event, or becoming a member of FAN, email Cheyhoma Dugger at, or Daniel Johnson, director of alumni relations, at

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