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Late-Night Breakfast offers stress-relief opportunity

Published 11/27/17

Elizabeth Caputo

Contributing Writer

With finals week quickly approaching, many students will be looking for a way to de-stress in between study sessions. For many, the Late-Night Breakfast presented by the Northeastern Activities Board provides the opportunity to get away from their computers and notes for a while and enjoy good food and company.

“I love seeing the students get an opportunity to de-stress as finals begin,” said JuliAnna Smith, NAB chairperson of the board. “I absolutely love the Late-Night Breakfast because it is an event that so many students come to.”

The Late-Night Breakfast is a tradition NAB presents the Monday of fall and spring finals week. Students have the chance to get a free meal, sing karaoke and socialize with other students.

“This is one of NAB's longest standing events and we are excited to plan this each year,” said Seth Clark, administration chairman. “We expect it to be a great turn out like we have every year and make this year even better.”

Often, there is a line forming in front of the cafeteria hours before the event happens. The line then heads out the front doors of the UC, then wraps around the building. Students often have to wait in line even after the event has started until there is more room in the cafeteria.

“Student participation at the breakfast is usually very high,” said Smith. “We typically have around 800 students attend.”

The Late-Night Breakfast is a convenient option for students studying late in the library to stop by and grab some food. Students welcome the break as a time for their brain to cool down after the amount of hours they study within finals week.

“I like the Late-Night Breakfast because I can take an hour out of studying to relax and eat some breakfast food with friends,” said Connor Cross, Collinsville sophomore. “It is nice because during the day, a lot of us don’t have the time in our schedules to hang out, but with the Late-Night Breakfast happening, I can hang out with a ton of friends I don’t get to see often during the day.”

Upon presentation of student ID, there will be an all-you-can-eat buffet of breakfast and dessert foods to choose from. Students can also choose to participate in karaoke, or simply sit back and enjoy the performers. Students participating in karaoke will have the chance to sign up for their turn at the event and choose a song of their choice.

“This event is a partnership between NAB and all of Student Affairs,” said Clayton Fulton, NAB chairman. “Together, we are working at getting staff in place to help make dinner and have hired our usual karaoke DJ to be there.”

The Late-Night Breakfast is at 9 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 11 in the UC cafeteria. Students are encouraged to get in line early to avoid long waits.

For more information, students can call 918-444-2526 or visit the NAB office in the UC basement at Room B01.

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