Yeutter goes from professor to superfan
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Yeutter goes from professor to superfan

Published 11/28/17

Zach Cobler

TNE Writer

Any spectator who has been to a RiverHawk sporting event has likely noticed Dr. John Yeutter, accounting associate professor. He is a fan who goes above and beyond to show his school pride. Yeutter wears a noticeable green or pink wig as well as NSU apparel with green or white leggings. He has become a legend to NSU students both past and present. The fans who attend games look forward to his ever-present chants and playing of instruments. Yeutter has been at as many NSU sporting events as he can attend.

“When I came to NSU, I wanted to become involved in school activities,” said Yeutter. “So I began attending games.” 

Eddie Griffin, former NSU athletic director,  created an award in honor of Yeutter that is given away every year at the all-school sports banquet. This annual award was created for the person who has shown the most school spirit throughout the year. The award is named the Dr.Yeutter Spirit Award.

Yeutter has not discriminated against any sports. He goes to all sporting events the campus has and even those beyond campus. If a student athlete is playing in a league outside of NSU, Yeutter will try his best to attend. Joe Garcia, Grand Prairie, Texas senior, has played for Tulsa Athletic, a National Premier Soccer League team, and Yeutter has attended his games.

“My favorite sport is the one that I am attending at the moment,” said Yeutter. “I really like all sports.”

Every sports fan has a favorite aspect of sports they love to see. That is no different in Yeutter’s case.

“I really appreciate watching great defense,” said Yeutter. “Whether it is in football, soccer, basketball, baseball or softball, a defense makes the game easier.”

The students at NSU look to Yeutter for inspiration at games. When he starts a chant at a sporting event, it gets the crowd hyped up. The students feel his presence and catch his infectious personality at the games.

“I think Dr. Yeutter is amazing,” said Drew Latta, Tahlequah senior. “Every game I look to him and I feel inspired about the RiverHawks. He makes me want to have more school spirit because of how much spirit he has.”

A crowd at a game is oftentimes a catalyst to victory. The better a crowd is for a team, the harder it is for an away team to go in and get a victory at the field they are visiting.  The athletes draw encouragement from the fans and it leads to a better play on the field as a direct result. Yeutter has helped student-athletes at NSU for as long as he has been here.

“He is one of the best, most positive, entertaining, kind-hearted, supportive people you will ever meet,” said Ukoh Essang, sophomore linebacker from Arlington, Texas. “I am glad that he is always cheering for team NSU.”

Current and past NSU students still talk about Yeutter’s antics at games. He is a noticeable part of the crowd. Any individual who has not seen him in action is welcomed at RiverHawk athletic events. He is bound to be there. Yeutter is a symbol of RiverHawk pride.

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