RiverHawk Nutrition gets involved with NSU organizations
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RiverHawk Nutrition gets involved with NSU organizations

Published 11/29/17

Trista Vaughn

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RiverHawk Nutrition is one of Tahlequah’s nutrition clubs that provides healthy substitutions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. RiverHawk Nutrition opened in March of this year.

“We didn’t even plan to own a store in Tahlequah,” said Jonathan Gammill, RiverHawk Nutrition owner. “My wife and I are originally from Broken Arrow. We came to Tahlequah to adopt a dog for our daughter. While passing through, we stopped at the nutrition club that was already in Tahlequah for a shake and tea. The owner mention that we should buy the store here.”

Gammill said they opened about seven other clubs in the Broken Arrow area before they purchased the one in Tahlequah.

For about a month, Gammill would wake up at 4 a.m. and drive from Broken Arrow to Tahlequah to open the club.

“My wife would drop off the children at school and she would head to Tahlequah as well,” said Gammill. “Eventually, we said we couldn’t handle that anymore and that’s when we risked everything and made a huge decision to move to Tahlequah. It was so unexpected.”

RiverHawk Nutrition offers more than just healthy shakes and energy teas. They also offer health coaching, weight loss and meal planning.

“We have been hosting free fit camps,” said Gammill. “We just want to be a beacon for the Tahlequah community where people feel safe, hang out with friends and have a healthy, active lifestyle.”

Gammill said whether it is losing a lot of weight or gaining muscle, RiverHawk Nutrition wants to help people achieve their goals.

RiverHawk Nutrition has a team of coaches in the Tahlequah area. The main job as a coach is encouraging people to live an active, healthy lifestyle.

“My degree is in human health performance, so healthy living is my passion,” said Leon Beck, Tahlequah senior. “I am doing my internship and coaching at RiverHawk Nutrition. I love the environment that RiverHawk Nutrition draws in. Before I started working here, I notice that anyone that comes in is greeted immediately and the people that work here are so welcoming.”

Beck said as a coach, his goal is to help his client achieve their goal and make them feel important.

Recently, RiverHawk Nutrition has been getting involved with the NSU community. They donate 10 percent of proceeds when customers mention the organizations the business is working with that day.

“We always wanted to be connected with the student organizations at NSU, but we did not know how,” said Gammill. “We don’t require you to have a flier at all.”

RiverHawk Nutrition posts on social media what organization that they are working with that day.

“I love that RiverHawk Nutrition posts all about their upcoming events on social media,” said William Tarlton, Yale sophomore. “The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone and scroll through Facebook and Instagram. RiverHawk Nutrition posts something everyday and I think it is great advertisement.”

Everyday RiverHawk Nutrition offers 10 percent off one’s purchase when showing an NSU ID.

RiverHawk Nutrition is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. Its location is 403 N Muskogee Ave.

For more information about RiverHawk Nutrition, visit the RiverHawk Nutrition Facebook page or visit the RiverHawk Nutrition website.

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