Students apply for spring semester jobs
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Students apply for spring semester jobs

Published 12/6/17

Valeriia Efimenko

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To get a job on campus, students must qualify for work-study, be a graduate assistant or work an institutional job or job location development position. The work-study job is funded by a federal grant that allows students to work part-time on or off campus. A student must be enrolled in six hours and not be on financial aid suspension. If awarded work-study, students can work up to 13 hours each week, depending on their class schedule and academic progress.

Institutional employment assists students in finding part-time employment on campus. To qualify for this position, a student must only be enrolled in 1 hour of classes. Students qualified for institutional position usually work 15 to 20 hours per week, and they do not have to be on financial aid to apply.

Graduate assistant positions are only for students enrolled in the Graduate College. Students work at a position related to their major. Examples include graduate assistant coaches or office aides. At this position, students can work up to 20 hours each week.

Job location development positions are jobs posted by employers for off-campus employment. Student Financial Services posts job opportunities and assists students in finding the right part-time job. All jobs pay at least minimum wage. Students do not have to be on financial aid to qualify for this program.

“The available jobs can be viewed on the NSU website under financial aid or student jobs,” said Laurie Galbraith, student employment specialist. “There are posted various different office positions, parking, library, and fitness center to name some that are posted right now.  As the semesters change, a student should check daily because new jobs go up and others come down continually.”

For on-campus positions, students take their student employment application directly to the office hiring or email it as they may have requested. They can find applications on the NSU website under financial aid or student jobs tab. For off-campus positions, students will follow through with the company or individual hiring as to how to apply. 

Students may work a maximum of no more than 29 hours per week on campus, both work-study and institutional.  The maximum award for work-study is an average of 13 hours per week. The minimum wage for all positions is $7.25 per hour. A work-study job pays $7.25 per hour.  Some institutional positions pay may go higher if their job requires a special skill, training or knowledge.

Student who are working for the first time on campus need to complete several forms they should not have to complete again. 

“Students are helped through completing these forms by their employer,” said Galbraith. “These forms include loyalty oath, I-9, W-4, automatic deposit, drug-free school and workplace policy. An international student will have to obtain a social security card, if they had not done so previously. They will be advised of what steps to take by their employer and the Office of International Programs.”

Edna Boggs, Sallisaw senior, works at Office of International Programs as an office assistant. She said it was easy for her to find a job on campus through the NSU job webpage.

“I found my job on the schools job listing webpage,” said Boggs. “All I needed was a copy of my class schedule, as well as the application in order to apply for the position. Through work-study I work 13 hours per week. I have to make sure students have the proper documents to be admitted into school at NSU. I really love my job, and I have the opportunity to meet students from all over the world.”

NSU helps students to find a job after they graduate as well. Career Services has many resources available to assist students in their preparation for life after college. This includes resources for job searches.

“We have many resources available online at,” said Autumn Stafford, Career Services director. “Students may also schedule an appointment to visit with a career counselor. All students have a CareerLink account which includes access to the job database. Within CareerLink, students can search for available positions, as well as create a job agent which sends jobs directly to their email.”

For more information on jobs, visit

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