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Writing club connects creative minds


Justin Montoya

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Write Club is a student organization that encourages creative writing at NSU in every aspect. The club is intended not only for students who have a fondness for writing creatively, but also for any students from any varying career paths who want to become better writers.

“I would recommend the club to anyone across any and all majors who like to be creative,” said Curtis Brashear, Write Club vice president. “We are looking to bring in fresh meat to the organization, to get more people involved.”

Many of the members of the club are nontraditional students or alumni of NSU.

“You don’t have to be affiliated with the English major or creative writing,” said Matthew Kirby, Write Club member. “Anybody who is a student or alumnus of NSU who has a distinct interest in reading or writing is definitely welcome in here.”

The club started out as a way for people who were not in creative writing classes to have the ability to get their work critiqued. From there, Shane Farris, a former NSU student now pursuing a Ph.D. in Canada, had the specific idea for Write Club, at which point the club’s current faculty supervisor Christopher Murphy helped him shepherd the club to creation.

“The community is my favorite part about Write Club,” said Murphy.  “It's a low-key way for people to workshop stuff they've written in the off-hours, to have fun with writing and nerd out about language, and to hang out. I love the more ambitious stuff we've done, going to schools, writing for NSU’s literary journal The Talon, going to the Association of Writers & Writing Program writing conference but it all starts with the community.”

During the club’s meetings, students are encouraged to share their writing with the other members. The club offers an agreeable environment where students listen to members’ personal writing and give each other feedback and constructive criticism.

“Being open to sharing personal writing with people and receiving constructive criticism is not an easy thing to do, so it helps that we are not a judgmental club,” said Brashear.

During the club’s meetings, the members often engage in writing exercises to strengthen their literary skills. They participate in exercises such as short story fiction, poetry, character and world building, writings based on one word, and screenplays.

The club leaders have announced many ideas for student engagement with the club.

“We'd like to put on an open mic or two. We're futzing around with the concept of a collaborative novel,” said Murphy.

While Write Club helps their own members become better writers, they also have plans to spread that literary prowess to others in their community.

“It started as a way to spread literature but now we’re spreading our way into nearby schools. We intend to leave a bigger literary footprint in Tahlequah,” said Chloe Abshier, Write Club president.

The club’s current plans for literary outreach involve a trip to Sequoyah High School to teach poetry exercises to the students and also a visit to Westville Junior High to teach creative writing exercises. Afterward, the club has goals to put together an anthology of selected students' work.

The club commences at 5 p.m. every Thursday in Seminary Hall, Room 227. The group welcomes new members and maintains an inviting and friendly atmosphere, whether that be for fellow creative minds, or for those on campus seeking an inspiring community.


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