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Students avoid burnout during midterm season

Published 10/9/18

Bradley Dame

TNE Writer

It is the middle of the semester and fall break is just around the corner. With fall break comes midterms and each major facilitates midterms differently. Some classes not having midterms at all. However, students who have midterms to study for have to figure out the best way to prepare for themselves.

“I try not to stress about it,” said Natasha Manken, Colcord senior and social work major. “I try to take it one step out of time. Whenever I study, I dedicate the same amount of time to relaxing.”

Depression and anxiety rates among college students are higher than they have ever been. According to a 2013 study from the American Psychological Association, around 46 percent of college students have some form of anxiety and approximately 38 percent struggle with depression.

“It’s hard for me to memorize things,” said Chelsey Karstens, Wilberton sophomore and accounting major. “That makes it hard enough even if I knew beforehand what exactly would be on the test.”

Karstens said she is having a hard time memorizing calculations for accounting tests. She tries not to rely too much on her notes because they do not help her during the actual tests.

Midterms come right in the middle of the semester and add on to the list of responsibilities students have.

“It requires a balance with all my other responsibilities,” said Josh Pollard, Fort Gibson senior and psychology major. “I try to have consistent study hours including when I wake up, then after class and before I go to bed. I’ve also been cutting out time spent on Netflix and playing video games.”

Pollard said, for him, college is less about learning the material of his field and more about learning the time management required to succeed. He describes himself as an easily stressed out person, and tries to juggle study time with time to decompress so he does not get burnt out. Pollard is a senior and has experienced trial and error. He takes the lessons he learns from slipping up and applies them to future assignments.

Other students prepare in different ways, or studying just comes easier to them. Sometimes that depends on their major.

“I’m not worried about it,” said Zachery Mingus, Kansas senior and history major. “I usually take it as I go. We usually do unit tests, so by comparison the midterms aren’t too bad.”

Mingus also said that because he already is interested in history studying for history tests comes naturally to him. For Mingus, history is a lot of memorizing what names and dates go where and influenced what, and being able to see the through line that creates history as we know it.

For many students, finishing signifies making it through the first eight weeks of the semester and they look forward to fall break.

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