NSU student puts classes on hold to aide hurricane relief

Published 9/25/18

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Sara Ryals, TNE Writer

Hurricane Florence made landfall Sept. 14 along the coasts of the Carolinas. Thousands of people lost their homes and possessions. Ten days after the category four hurricane left its mark, road systems remained closed, residents continued to hover in displacement and hundreds continued to be rescued from dangerous flood waters.

NSU students accepted into international scholarship program

Published 9/24/18

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Caitlin Felts, TNE Writer

Trenton Morgan, Choctaw senior, and Ricardo Oropeza, Dutch Harbor junior, have been accepted into the 2018 DCLivingLab program in Antwerp, Belgium. They have the opportunity to participate in an international conference known as SuperNova. The conference focuses on utilizing innovation and creativity for a better tomorrow.

NESSLHA offers networking opportunities for pre-professionals

Published 9/24/18

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Sebastian Cooper, TNE Writer

NSU’s speech-language pathology degree is programmed to teach students the fundamental construct of speech disorders, voice patterns, language and possible treatment of such diseases. NSU offers both a bachelor’s and master’s degree for students who wish to further their experience in the field. Speech-language pathologists treat a range of cases including swallowing and communication issues such as speech sounds.

New Recreation minor offers students a hands-on learning experience

Published 9/24/18

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Dustin Teenor, TNE writer

A new minor is available for students intrigued by outdoor activities. Students have the opportunity to gain knowledge on how to survive in the wilderness and stretch their leadership skills through the new recreation minor offered on the Tahlequah campus.

NSU international students form soccer team

Published 9/21/18

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Yikun Wang, TNE Writer

As more international students come to NSU, various international organizations continue to grow and develop. These organizations offer opportunities for international students to become involved on campus, make NSU feel more like home and participate in various extracurricular activities. The international student soccer team is one of them.


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