NSU offers Native American organization

Published 11/16/17

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Trista Vaughn, TNE Writer

At NSU, about one-third of the student body are Native American. NSU is the largest 4-year college with the biggest enrollment of American Indian or Alaskan Native students. However, Native Americans are only about one percent of the population in the US. With the numbers being that low, it is important Native Americans come together as one and encourage each other.

Frustration rises as NSU students receive parking tickets

Published 11/15/17

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Taylor Brown, TNE Writer

As parking has become limited on campus due to the addition of a new dorm building where a parking lot formerly sat, tickets are being dispersed in larger quantities. The reconstruction of Wyly Hall and addition of Isabel Cobb Hall resulted in more students living closer to Leoser and crowding the residential parking lots. Before the construction, students were evenly dispersed between Leoser, Haskell Hall and the high-rises, Logan, Hastings and Ross. Multiple residential parking lots surround the high-rises, but are now rarely used due to the distance from those lots to the current dorm buildings.

Rowdy’s Resource Room wants Thanksgiving for all

Published 11/15/17

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Trenton Morgan, TNE Writer

Rowdy’s Resource Room has undergone a big change this semester, but its goal has remained the same. It hopes to make a difference in people’s lives through generosity and compassion. The return of Food Basket Frenzy signifies Thanksgiving and the near end of the fall semester.

NSU presents storytelling and Turtle Island Liars Club book signing

Published 11/14/17

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Valeriia Efimenko, TNE Writer

The NSU Native American Support Center is presenting a Turtle Island Liars Club storytelling event. Turtle Island Liars Club is a book titled after the group. The club of the title refers to Cherokee storytellers who gets together to exchange stories with each other. The authors of the book are Hastings Shade, Sammy Still, Sequoyah Guess and Woody Hansen. These four storytellers have traveled all over the 14 county area of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma.


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