KTK Steakhouse strives to serve greatness

Published 10/12/17

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Ana Davis, TNE Writer

KTK Steakhouse is family-owned and -operated. Craig Landsaw and his wife Christy Landsaw opened the steakhouse 10 years ago and have been reaching new heights ever since. Christy Landsaw now owns and operates the business. The chef at KTK Steakhouse strives to please patrons through a passion for the culinary arts.

Wild West Fall Fest raises awareness for disabilities

Published 10/12/17

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Jessica Sudbeck, TNE Writer

This fall My Friends & Me will present its fifth annual Wild West Fall Fest. This free festival is aimed toward immersing the public into the world of those with disabilities. There will be volunteers and visitors who use wheelchairs or mobility devices, amputees, adults and children with special needs and many who are visually impaired.

Phi Sigma Kappa puts on event for Special Olympics

Published 10/12/17

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Julie Ferguson, TNE Writer

During the fall semester Phi Sigma Kappa invites the sororities on campus to come out and participate in their annual Mud on the Tires philanthropy event. The events this year consisted of dodgeball, tug-of-war, a relay race, a slip-n-slide and a mud pie eating contest, all of which were done is a large mud pit. In addition, there was also be a donation award presented to the sorority chapter who donated the most to the event.

Association for Computing Machinery volunteers with Feed My Sheep

Published 10/11/17

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Trenton Morgan, TNE Writer

Feed My Sheep is an organization that feeds Tahlequah community members in need. Feed My Sheep began about six years ago and is operated entirely through volunteer work and donations. It takes nearly 60 people to run the organization and NSU’s Association for Computer Machinery chapter plans to help.


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