Different study habits prove successful

Published 3/10/16

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Jolene Hawkins, TNE Writer

The semester is halfway over with spring break quickly approaching. To some it means summer is almost here and they could not be more excited. To others, it is the realization finals are just around the corner and it is time to buckle down to keep that good grade or raise that not so good grade. Knowing how to study and what to study when it comes to the end of the year tests is key to the success of NSU students.

Sasquatch investigators search Cherokee Territory

Published 3/10/16

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KenLea Henson, TNE Writer

Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, has long been a mystery in Cherokee County, as well as all parts of the Cherokee Territory. Although it has not yet been determined when Sasquatch first made his or her appearance in the territory, believers, skeptics and hunters alike have all heard of the notorious creature that lurks in the woods.

2016-2017 Miss Native American NSU to be chosen this month

Published 3/8/16

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KenLea Henson, TNE Writer

Native American organizations at NSU collaborated together to form the first annual Miss Native American NSU pageant. Miss Native American NSU will be selected on the night of the pageant, March 3,1 and will be crowned during Symposium week April 13. Awards will be given to first and second runner-up, best speech and best traditional talent.

Career and graduate school fair offers employment opportunities

Published 3/8/16

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Matt Dorr, TNE Writer 

Making professional connections during college is an important career-building tactic. For many seniors, preparing for life after college is a hectic ordeal. Career Services has set up the career and graduate school fair to offer options for upperclassmen.


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