Erika Downey donates kidney to Billy Gillespie

Published 4/8/18

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Jesse Crittenden, TNE Writer

Billy Gillespie, Ranger College Athletic Director, has been a revered head coach for the last three decades. In December, he found out that he was suffering from kidney failure. In a story to the Dallas Morning News, the 58-year-old head coach was told he was in need of a kidney transplant. A few days later, Ericka Downey, a 33-year old medical device salesperson and the wife of NSU’s men’s basketball head coach Mark Downey, saw the story.

Leoser Resident Assistants showcase Silent Library

Published 4/5/18

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Jalen Porter, TNE Writer

North Leoser three-story wings were built on to Northwest Leoser and Northeast Leoser in 1965. The dorm was named after Dr. Irwin D. Leoser, a physician for the male and female Cherokee Seminaries, along with his wife, Susan Agnew Leoser. At eight years old, Susan came to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears.

Tri Sigma arranges Anchorman pageant

Published 4/5/18

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Ciarra Hankins, TNE Writer
Greek organizations on NSU’s campus typically have another student from outside of their organization represent them. For Tri Sigma, this student serves as their Anchorman. Every year, a student from NSU is chosen to represent Tri Sigma. He is invited to Tri Sigma events and has the opportunity to bond and get to know the members. Each year the Anchorman is different and they make the position their own. No two Anchormen have been the same.


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