Students avoid burnout during midterm season

Published 10/9/18

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Bradley Dame, TNE Writer

It is the middle of the semester and fall break is just around the corner. With fall break comes midterms and each major facilitates midterms differently. Some classes not having midterms at all. However, students who have midterms to study for have to figure out the best way to prepare for themselves.

Sigma Tau Gamma sparks interest across campus

Published 10/9/18

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Courtney Bolt, TNE Writer

The Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity is starting up the Zeta charter again to add a sixth fraternity back on campus. This gives the interfraternity council an even balance of fraternities on campus and add back a competitive edge. A group of men on campus decided that none of the chapters on campus were right for them and decided to start their own.

World Fair showcases various cultures to students

Published 10/5/18

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Yikun Wang, TNE Writer

The International Office and the Northeastern Activities Board work together to hold the World Fair every fall. The World Fair presents aspects of different cultures of the world to students. Students can try the cuisine of different countries and watch performances from students of different ethnic backgrounds.

Stonewall celebrates coming out day

Published 10/5/18

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Sebastian Cooper, TNE Writer

The Stonewall Equality Alliance is an organization dedicated to providing a space where LGBTQ individuals can come together and discuss advocacy on campus. The organization is open to any sexual orientation, gender identity, race, creed and ethnicity. The mission of Stonewall is to create conversations concerning LGBTQ life on campus and potential social activism that could extend from those conversations.

NSU students concerned about cultural appropriation

Published 10/5/18

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Omar Ortiz Vega, TNE Writer

With Halloween around the corner, costumes fill the shelfs of shopping centers with options for all ages to choose from. Culture and traditions are a popular choice each year for various people. Costumes like “Hey Amigo Mexican Costume” or “Tribal Temptation Native American Costume” are available at Walmart, but some students believe costumes like these appropriate the culture of the people they are attempting to portray.


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