Students plan to attend StuMo conference

Published 12/03/18

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Kayla Morton, TNE Writer

Every year, StuMo takes NSU students to the StuMo conference, SMC. This conference gives students an opportunity to grow in their relationship with Christ alongside their peers and students from other colleges.

HawkReach helps students stay happy

Published 11/30/18

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Ebba Moberg, TNE Writer

Staying on top of homework and assignments along with performing well in extracurricular activities can be stressful for any student. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression which typically arises during the dark days of the year. It is estimated to affect 10 million Americans and can certainly make school or work difficult if left untreated.

International Office opens OPT workshop

Published 11/30/18

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Yikun Wang, TNE Writer

Optional Practical Training is an internship that allows F-1 visa students to complete up to 12 months of training after the completion of a degree program. International students who study in the United States hope to get this opportunity after they graduate. The International Office are facilitating an OPT workshop for students. This workshop helps students solve problems related to OPT qualification applications.

Saudi Student Association offers cultural educational opportunities

Published 11/30/18

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Sebastian Cooper, TNE Writer

The Saudi Student Association is a student organization comprised of individuals who advocate for social awareness for international students are part of the Saudi Arabian ethnicity and culture. This organization provides open discussion, sponsored events for students and a welcoming opportunity to socialize and learn about Saudi culture at their regular meetings.

Graduate assistants concerned with financial aid

Published 11/29/18

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Jordan Gogo, TNE Writer

On average, NSU educates over 7,000 undergraduates each academic year. While most students attend to complete their bachelor’s degree, over 1,000 stay to pursue their master’s in a graduate program. Although NSU remains a cost-effective choice among universities in Oklahoma, graduate classes cost about $50 more than undergraduate classes per credit hour.


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