NAB promotes healthy living habits

Published 9/12/18

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Caleb Eutsler, TNE Writer

Northeastern Activities Board is a student-ran organization that puts on various events for students to come, learn and interact with each other. The semester is off to a quick start and NAB is catering new ideas for the upcoming year. This semester, they are planning an event concerning food habits.

Sodexo perseveres through employee shortage

Published 9/11/18

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Bradley Dame, TNE Writer

Students who live on campus are required to purchase a meal plan that allows access to the various restaurants around campus.  It is all run by Sodexo, a food services and facilities management company based out of France.  Sodexo is one of the world’s largest multinational corporations.

SHWC implements changes to NSU’s homecoming

Published 9/11/18

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Courtney Bolt, TNE Writer

In the past, NSU’s homecoming has been centered around themes including Mardi Gras, paradise and circus. This year, the Student Homecoming Week Committee decided to center the week around NSU and why alumni come back to visit their alma mater. “It’s Time to Come Home: NSU Through the Ages” is the tag line the committee has decided on with the help of the alumni association.

NSU’s science department presents new research seminar series

Published 9/11/18

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Bradley Dame, TNE Writer

Every semester, NSU’s science department holds two different series of seminars.  The science and technology series is on the Tahlequah campus and the biology and chemistry series is on the Broken Arrow campus.  The two campuses find different local researchers with interesting findings and invite them to speak at one of the seminars in the semester.


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