RiverHawks take advantage of student-athlete advisory committee

Published 11/28/17

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Emily Osborne, TNE Writer

A student-athlete advisory committee is a committee made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience.  The NCAA has this program in colleges all across the US. It was first formed in 1989 to help student-athletes have input on the rules that affect their everyday lives.

Yeutter goes from professor to superfan

Published 11/28/17

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Zach Cobler, TNE Writer

Any spectator who has been to a RiverHawk sporting event has likely noticed Dr. John Yeutter, accounting associate professor. He is a fan who goes above and beyond to show his school pride. Yeutter wears a noticeable green or pink wig as well as NSU apparel with green or white leggings. He has become a legend to NSU students both past and present. The fans who attend games look forward to his ever-present chants and playing of instruments. Yeutter has been at as many NSU sporting events as he can attend.

Late-Night Breakfast offers stress-relief opportunity

Published 11/27/17

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Elizabeth Caputo, Contributing Writer

With finals week quickly approaching, many students will be looking for a way to de-stress in between study sessions. For many, the Late-Night Breakfast presented by the Northeastern Activities Board provides the opportunity to get away from their computers and notes for a while and enjoy good food and company.

Impressions Dance Company presents fall showcase

Published 11/27/17

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Taylor Austin, Contributing Writer

Impressions Dance Company is making strides toward perfection for their fall showcase. The performance will include a mixture of genres and dance styles unique to each choreographer.


Future Alumni Network prepares for annual GreenLink event

Published 11/27/17

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Tyler Warrior, Contributing Writer

The Future Alumni Network is excited for their annual GreenLink event that allows students and alumni to interact on a professional level. Throughout the academic year, FAN presents many events, and gives students a number of opportunities to connect with alumni. However, the Green Link event is one of the more prestigious events.  


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