Udall Foundation offers government internship program

Published 11/28/18

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Colby Luper, TNE Writer

Native American students have an opportunity to get an inside look into the federal government with the Native American Congressional Internship. The internship is provided through the Morris K. Udall Foundation. The Udall Foundation awards several different scholarships, fellowships and internships for students pursuing environmental programs and to Native American and Alaskan Native students studying either health care or tribal public policy. The Native American Congressional Internship is one of the most prominent programs offered by the Udall foundation. An online presentation is open to students to learn more information about this internship program.

Youth vote numbers skyrocket in 2018 midterms

Published 11/27/18

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Bradley Dame, TNE Writer

On Nov. 6, American voters took to the polls in the 2018 midterm elections.  Post-election data has yielded several atypical developments in terms of early voting numbers, the youth vote and the newly elected officials.

NSU nominates 2019 Centurions

Published 11/27/18

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Caitlin Felts, TNE Writer

During the month of November, faculty, staff, students and community members submitted their nominations for the 2019 Centurion Awards. The screening committee is now processing the nominations and are announcing the finalists in just a few short weeks.

Writing Center assists students with academic papers

Published 11/27/18

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Bradley Dame, TNE Writer

As winter break approaches, students across campus are preparing for finals week.  University finals include various research papers, critical essays and exams.  Writing format, structure and grammar are all areas the Writing Center provides help with for student. The Writing Center assists students whether they need a quick edit or are starting from scratch.


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