Late-Night Breakfast offers stress-relief opportunity

Published 11/27/17

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Elizabeth Caputo, Contributing Writer

With finals week quickly approaching, many students will be looking for a way to de-stress in between study sessions. For many, the Late-Night Breakfast presented by the Northeastern Activities Board provides the opportunity to get away from their computers and notes for a while and enjoy good food and company.

Impressions Dance Company presents fall showcase

Published 11/27/17

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Taylor Austin, Contributing Writer

Impressions Dance Company is making strides toward perfection for their fall showcase. The performance will include a mixture of genres and dance styles unique to each choreographer.


Future Alumni Network prepares for annual GreenLink event

Published 11/27/17

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Tyler Warrior, Contributing Writer

The Future Alumni Network is excited for their annual GreenLink event that allows students and alumni to interact on a professional level. Throughout the academic year, FAN presents many events, and gives students a number of opportunities to connect with alumni. However, the Green Link event is one of the more prestigious events.  

Snowflake Ice Rink returns to Tahlequah

Published 11/17/17

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Ana Davis, TNE Writer

One of the most popular attractions in Tahlequah during the winter months is the Snowflake Ice Rink. Tahlequah is the only community around to offer such a fun attraction that is affordable for the whole family. This catches the attention of other communities and brings people from all over to Tahlequah.

NSU offers Native American organization

Published 11/16/17

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Trista Vaughn, TNE Writer

At NSU, about one-third of the student body are Native American. NSU is the largest 4-year college with the biggest enrollment of American Indian or Alaskan Native students. However, Native Americans are only about one percent of the population in the US. With the numbers being that low, it is important Native Americans come together as one and encourage each other.


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