Students gear up for Black Friday

Published 11/16/18

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Omar Ortiz Vega, TNE Writer

Shopping for the right gift for family members and significant others is considered both stressful and unaffordable at times. Black Friday has become a staple of holiday tradition in the past few years because retailers offer promotional sales with discounted offers for consumers.

University Democrats encourage students to be politically involved

Published 11/16/18

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Sebastian Cooper. TNE Writer

The University Democrats student organization is comprised of young individuals who seek to educate the student body on social, fiscal and political issues that center around the Democratic party platform. The University Democrats organization works to promote educational fronts for all political spectrums and advocate the importance of getting out and voting regardless of political affiliation.

NSU students prepare for thanksgiving break

Published 11/16/18

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Sebastian Cooper, TNE Writer

Thanksgiving welcomes family, friends, neighbors and peers to unite together and show thanks for the memories made throughout the year. Additionally, Thanksgiving break commemorates a time off for students to be with their family and to take a break from the daily routines of college classes. The break is a time most students utilize to relax from college obligations and to focus their energy on family orientated gatherings.

Muskogee offers various forms of holiday entertainment

Published 11/16/18

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Omar Ortiz Vega, TNE Writer

With the holidays around the corner, Muskogee offers various opportunities to enjoy the season. Attractions include “Garden of Lights” at Honor Heights Park and Castle Christmas at the Castle of Muskogee. There are activities for all ages to enjoy during the upcoming holiday season.


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