Career Services brings new ideas to campus

Published 9/04/18

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Btadley Dame, TNE Writer

The Career Services program at NSU aims to assist individuals with navigating the landscape of career, education and employment.  No matter where someone is at in that process, Career Services is willing to help.  With relatively new people on staff, the program is implementing fresh strategies this semester.

Campus police cracks down on quiet hours

Published 9/04/18

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Courtney Bolt, TNE Writer

As the new school year is kicking off, it is important to know the rules and regulations of campus. During the first week of class, the Northeastern Activities Board had their annual Glow Party. NAB brought in a professional production crew, Johnny Tsunami and a local opening act, Blue McNeal. The organization was excited to bring something new and exciting to campus. In years previous, NAB has used speakers from facilities which would consequent in the speakers busting due to the lower quality speakers and the high frequency of the music. By bringing in the professional team NAB was excited to have a high-quality production for the students.

NSU opens official location for the Center for Women’s Studies

Published 9/04/18

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Caitlin Felts, TNE Writer

NSU had a ribbon cutting event for the new official location for the Center for Women’s Studies. After years of providing classes and programs for students and the community, members say they are excited to provide a space for those seeking more information.

Dr. Sarah Turner-McGowen, a new member of the Center for Women’s Studies, says she is looking forward to serving on the board. She is optimistic about the new location and future for the establishment.


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