Stumo prepares for a impactful winter break

Published 11/14/18

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Caleb Eutsler, TNE Writer

Christian organizations are widely offered on NSU’s campus. One of these organizations, Student Mobilization, is making their name known. They offer multiple Stumo nights throughout the semester and begin the new year with one of the biggest college conferences in Oklahoma.

Delta Zeta sorority gives back to the community

Published 11/14/18

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Sara Ryals, TNE Writer

Dodgeball originated in Africa 200 years ago. The game built the strength of warriors and often ended in injury or the loss of life. Delta Zeta’s Delta Phi chapter intends to use dodgeball tp impact lives rather than take them. The chapter is having the first Delta Zeta Dodgeball tournament. The proceeds of the tournament are given to meet needs in the Tahlequah community.

Honors Program attempts to increase its presence on campus

Published 11/14/18

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Logan Curtis, TNE Contributing Writer

After many years of being relatively uninvolved on campus, the NSU Honors Program is doing its best to make a impact on NSU and the Tahlequah community. In the fall 2018 semester alone, they have directed events with the President’s Leadership Class, the RiverHawks Impacting Student Enrollment program, and partook in every aspect in Homecoming that they could. With many other events planned for the year, they are not planning on slowing down.

Study abroad programs benefit student learning

Published 11/13/18

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Megan DuBuc, TNE Contributing Writer

NSU is helping students become effective members in a globalized market through study abroad programs. Studying abroad through any program offered by NSU is an essential part of education and a helpful resource for any student wanting to experience other cultures. Any student can participate and are urged to save credits for a semester away.

Student Mobilization Conference seeks to help student growth

Published 11/13/18

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Emma Warnock, TNE Contributing Writer

Student Mobilization is a nondenominational, college campus organization that works to build students’ faith in God. StuMo is working to grow their foundation to become a nationwide organization. They currently have ministries at 18 different campuses, five being in Oklahoma. The goal of StuMo is to help college students learn more about God and how they can grow in their relationship with Him.


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