Adobe programs grow harder to obtain

Published 2/17/18

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Caleb Eutsler, TNE Writer

College is a time that students are being taught how to use programs for their near future, allowing them to get hands-on experience that will better prepare them in their desired fields. With that being said, students pursuing degrees that require Adobe Creative Suites are finding it harder to obtain these programs. Majors such as graphic design, art and media studies require students to use these programs for assignments, tests and projects.

Students work toward furthering leadership skills

Published 2/17/18

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Caleb Eutsler, TNE Writer

With the Introductory Leadership Certificate taking place this semester, students will be working toward learning leadership skills that will improve their ability to serve as a leader during and after college. By participating in workshops and weekly trainings and listening to speakers, students will earn a certificate of leadership at the end of the introductory class.

Wesley Foundation provides Worship Wednesday

Published 2/17/18

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Jalen Porter, TNE Writer

The Wesley Foundation is a campus ministry sponsored by the United Methodist Church. The program aims to make an impact on students’ lives. Most students often do not attend church while being in college and the foundation wants to give students and the community a chance to fellowship with each other. They have a Wednesday worship service for people who want to get closer to God. Every week the main focus of the service is about love.

Buffalo Wilds Wings takes over halftime

Published 2/15/18

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Ciarra Hankins, TNE Writer

When one steps into the Tahlequah Buffalo Wild Wings, they will be stepping into Buffalo Wild Wings’ new design for their stores. The purpose of this design is to make it feel like game day, living up to their tagline “Wings, Beer, Sports.” There is so much detail that goes into making one feel like they are getting the most out of their experience at Buffalo Wild Wings.


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