RiverHawk Jam invites prospective students to campus

Published 2/7/19

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Roxanne Grabe, TNE Writer

NSU prepares their annual RiverHawk Jam during February. RiverHawk Jam is an event for high school juniors, seniors and transfer students to tour the campus, learn about different majors, talk to professors, receive important information about scholarships and attend a RiverHawk basketball game.

Average fraternity GPA declines

Published 2/6/19

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Zac Thomas, TNE Writer

The fall semester of 2018 proved to be a difficult semester for fraternity life. No fraternity made it above the all men’s average which has been used as a recruiting tool in previous semesters. Though this gives a bleak outlook for Greek life, the fraternities say they have plans in place to help recover their academics.

IFC encourages fraternity recruitment

Published 2/6/19

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Zac Thomas, TNE Writer

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is considered the governing body of all on-campus fraternities. The council is tasked with regulating the actions and interactions of each organization through set bylaws and standards that the board creates. Along with creating rules, IFC is tasked with creating a good name for the fraternities on campus. This is achieved through educational events, positive social media representation and recruitment assistance in the fall semester.

ABC shares history of Black History Month

Published 2/6/19

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Kinsey Shade, TNE Writer

The creation of Black History Month began in 1926 as “Negro History Week,” by Carter G. Woodson. Woodson was a renowned African American historian, scholar, author, journalist and publisher. Woodson would become known as “The Father of Black History.” Woodson’s believed black history was important to learn and understand. It was not just important for the black community but for all people.


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