Students look to rent
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Students look to rent

Published 4/27/17

Matt Reynolds

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The leaves are turning green with the semester coming to a close. Some students are getting their caps and gowns ready, while others are searching for places to live for next fall. Timing is everything when it comes to renting houses or apartments.

In Tahlequah options can be limited, which makes it vital to look to rent at the prime time of the year. Now is a good time of year to start looking for places that will open up. If students get a head start, they are more likely to get their first choice. The first step to finding a place to live off campus in Tahlequah is establishing a budget. Once a student establishes the budget they would like to spend then they can decide upon a house or apartment to live in.

Apartments are starting to open up across Tahlequah with many students returning home for the summer. 

“It varies from month to month how many apartments we have open up,” said Hannah Leach with Pines Southridge Apartments. “But I would say between June and August we have the most turnover.

The apartments are first come first serve, which makes timing everything.

“Most move out in May, and it takes us a couple of weeks to clean them so it is about June before they are ready to rent,” said Patty Gear with Pleasant View Apartments. “We have a website with the application process where students can go to apply.”

Rent houses can be a little trickier. There are several apps and websites online that list rent houses. Another place that can assist students for rent houses is Century 21.

“We have a rent board available,” said Amy Carter of Century 21. “We also, of course, sell houses, and sometimes it is cheaper monthly to purchase the house through a loan rather than to rent.”

Living off campus is not for every student. There are options to live on campus at the dorms and suites.

“The dorm life was fun for my freshman year,” said Scott Mcallister, Lawton sophomore. “I’m ready to move out and into an apartment and have my own space.”

Whether it is living on campus or off campus at an apartment or rent house the time to start looking is now.

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